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Thursday, 14 December 2017

The 10 things you're doing wrong on your iPhone

You may be a user or owner of an iPhone for some years now. The truth is that we have many routines in our daily management with the device we have internalized, for example, put it in airplane mode to charge it faster or turn it off at night if you are not going to use it.

But there are also things that somehow or other we do wrong . We are going to refresh you so that they leave your daily routine as soon as possible.

10 things you're doing wrong with your iPhone

They are very simple things to eliminate, take note and think that with these tricks you can extend the life of your iPhone ..

Never turn it off

Our dear phone sometimes needs a break, even if it's minutes. Many of the errors that sometimes occur have solutions turning off and on . It's that easy and effective. Also think that leaving the phone permanently on is as if a car was always at idle.
Have storage to the fullest

Your iPhone is not going to go well if it is just space, the notification of "full storage" continually jumps. Try, at least, to keep 10 percent of the capacity of the iPhone free. Surely there are apps that you have not used for too long.

Do not remove the case when you load it

It may seem silly, but it is not. We will avoid overheating it in a useless way , and with it, shorten its useful life.
Use uncertified chargers

It does not make sense to invest a fortune in a big smartphone and then go for the worst of the worst in terms of cargo issues . Not only your iPhone is in danger, but your security.

Do not update it

The best way to make your iPhone do not go well is to have it in an old version of iOS, as long as it supports a newer version. A good strain of bugs and security failures .

Do not make backups

Thefts are the order of the day, so a good copy in iCloud is the best thing you can do to keep your data safe .

Do not clean it

It is not a matter of wearing it, it is disgusting, besides that aesthetically nothing is good, the accumulated dirt in the connectors can impede its proper functioning .

Empty it completely of load

Those mythical moments in which the mobiles had to exhaust their load so that their operation was the right have gone down in history. The best thing is to give the load when you need it , but without exhausting it completely.

Allow location services for all applications

Not all must have this permission granted. The battery may suffer, so go to Settings> Privacy> Location> System Services , and change this feature based on your own preferences and concerns.
Do not use password

According to Apple, half of their devices go happily around the world without an access code. Do you want your personal information to be uncovered? Protecting him costs very little and will prevent greater evils.

With these simple tricks we have no doubt that your iPhone will look much better and have more time to live.

Via | idropnews 

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