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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The 3 things that Apple plans to do with Shazam

Yesterday, the news was official that left us with our mouths open : Apple bought Shazam for 400 million dollars after days of incessant rumors. It is not the first time that Apple acquires apps and technology firms, but it has never been done with any so popular.

An Apple spokesman said after the acquisition that there are big and exciting plans on the horizon . Which will be concretely? Obviously, this strategic purchase will allow us to recognize songs instantly, but there is much more.

Strike of effect to the competition

Shazam already works perfectly in the Apple ecosystem, what's more, we can even use Siri with that app. But once it is part of the family, the integration will be even greater . More features, greater synchronization and more speed with native apps is the first thing we will see.

But collaterally Apple will give a hit: until now, when Shazam recognized a piece, we oriented Spotify to listen. After purchasing Apple, Cupertino will change that aspect to take us to Apple Music. And is that Spotify takes 1 million daily clicks of Shazam, a traffic that will come great to Apple Music .

Establish a new social platform

Although for many Apple fanboys reach the status of religion, the apple company bitten is not a social signature , but theirs is hardware and software. Start competing at this point with Snapchat or Facebook would be a mistake, but with Shazam Apple has the opportunity to open up to a more social environment.

Because among other things, Shazam elaborates lists with the most shazamed songs, as well as provides information about events, concerts, artists ... In this way, Apple achieves a social musical ecosystem and allows to incorporate the lyrics of songs on its own platform as Spotify does with his Genius.

In addition, if we consider the integration of Shazam with Snapchat and how its users can share their discoveries, we observe how little by little Apple throws itself into the pool of social networks .

New experiences of Augmented Reality

But Apple's ambitions with Shazam do not end in music , because Shazam also recognizes TV ads, movies and other audiovisual content. In fact recently it had been oriented towards the recognition of objects and augmented reality.

This same year, Shazam presented its own AR system that allows users to access Augmented Reality content embedded in packaging, pamphlets and other marketing materials. For example animations, mini games or videos in 360 degrees. Although it focuses on advertising, the spectrum of possibilities is broad.

Apple has recently successfully entered the world of augmented reality with its ARKit and even Apple will launch an augmented reality glasses with "rOS" by 2020 , which makes the combination between Shazam software and Apple is simply optimal.

Via | iDropnews 

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