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Monday, 4 December 2017

The 5 best antivirus for iPhone and iPad (2017)

Devices that use iOS as an operating system have great advantages over other devices that use other operating systems. One of the main advantages that we offer is security, and is that being a closed software is difficult to find a virus or malware.

In addition, Apple puts a huge distrust when it comes to include applications in your Apple Store , which undoubtedly greatly reduces the possibility of being infected. Yes, Apple devices are not 100% free to be infected by a virus, and especially malware, so in this article we are going to show you the 5 best antivirus for iPhone and iPad (2017) that you can Download from the official Apple app store.

Discover the 5 best antivirus for iPhone and iPad

McAfee Global Threat

One of the best antivirus that we can find in the market , and available for a large number of platforms is McAfee, which in the App Store we find it under the name of McAfee Global Threat.

Among the options that we find is the possibility of scanning our device and receiving alerts in the event that we are going to access a dangerous website or download a file that may contain malware. It also offers us information and news about the latest viruses and malware that have appeared so that we can always be alert and alert to any possible infection of our iPhone or iPad.
Seguridad Móvil McAfee
Seguridad Móvil McAfee

Avira Mobile Security

There are not many viruses that get sneak into the iPhone or our iPad, but if one does, Avira Mobile Security is one of the best applications that we can download to detect them, and also eliminate them immediately.

Not only does it allow us to detect and eliminate possible attacks, but also we will have the option to protect ourselves against possible identity theft . As if this were not enough, lost devices will become a thing of the past and will no longer be a problem for any user.

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security is one of the most complete security applications that we can download from the App Store. And is that in addition to monitor every second of our device is not infected with any virus, also warns us for example if we have an old version of iOS, save the location of the iPhone or iPad just before running out of battery or notify us if We have connected to an unsafe or dangerous Wi-Fi network for our interests.

Norton Internet Security

Surely the name of this antivirus sounds very much, and is that almost certainly have ever installed, possibly on your computer, this popular software. Now the version for mobile devices is now available for download, and many point out that it is even better than the desktop version .

It has web protection, locator of the device in almost lost and the realization of automatic backup , which will allow us to always have safe our most delicate files.
Norton Mobile Security
Norton Mobile Security

Kaspersky Safe Browser

To close this list we find an antivirus focused especially on web browsing, something that is always very appreciated. Kaspersky Safe Browser allows us to keep our iPhone or iPad away from any virus , thanks to its continuous malware warning. It also has a great advantage that is none other than the continuous updates it receives to always keep its database up to date.
Kaspersky Safe Browser
Kaspersky Safe Browser

These are just some of the antivirus that you can find available for download in the App Store. Our recommendation is that you take some of it as soon as you need it, although yes, do not forget that iOS is an operating system that stands out for its security .

Do you think that any antivirus is missing from this list and that it is available for download through the official Apple application store? 

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