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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The 8 best apps for iPhone of 2017

It is very common to have our iPhone with the apps that we think are leading, or with those that we like or use more. But today we have brought all those, including games, that have been top in this next year to finish , either by downloads or by success. Let's review this list, although many of them are known to you because we have talked about them.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo delighted the fans this year with another great dose of nostalgia in the form of a country game, the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. A nice game and that has been a success .

Astro Mail

There are many applications that can replace the native iOS, but perhaps it is Astro that has risen more strongly . He is even capable of remembering your most habitual gestures and keeping them always at hand.


The game is simple, use the balls to hit the bricks , but nevertheless requires enough strategy that it is almost impossible to stop playing.


The Apple application to prepare your videos and surprise whoever sees them. It's very complete and it gets you out of trouble, especially now that you want to set up Christmas videos .


The application gives you complete manual control over exposure, focus, ISO, white balance and shutter speed with controls based on simple gestures that have the purpose of emulating the reel cameras .

HQ - Live Trivia Game

The combination of live video, cash prizes, and a charismatic host, HQ has taken the App Store by surprise . In addition to all this, it is a very fun game .

IKEA Place

The application of the Swedish furniture and decoration giant has launched this app that with the use of augmented reality allows you to see how it will be what you buy at home . Very useful.

Super Mario Run

Nintendo has done it again with Super Mario Run. A classic finally brought to the iPhone and ensures fun moments in that particular environment , with multiple adventures .

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If you have liked these applications that have been at the top, download them and start using them as soon as possible.

Via | mashable 

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