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Friday, 15 December 2017

The Apple chips of 2018: smaller and more powerful than any Android

In the field of technology, the smaller the better. Especially if we talk about hardware, because lately the trend is to create increasingly larger smartphones. That said, it's interesting to mention that Apple is preparing the design of some really tiny processing chips ...

Apple will present three new models of iPhone during 2018 , according to the rumors, all of them will have the same base design of the iPhone X. Yes, including the upper front frame of the Face ID.

Apparently, the chips integrated as a processor in Apple's smartphones by 2018 will be much smaller than those already present in any Android terminal.
From the process of 10 nanometers to 7 nanometers

Both Qualcomm, engaged in a legal battle with Apple , and MediaTek can develop a technology that allows manufacturing a processor through a process of 7 nanometers . Currently there is a 10-nanometer process, and it is already really advanced.

There are only two companies able to pass to 7 nanometers, Apple and Samsung . That means that the devices of 2018 (iPhone and Galaxy) could have the smallest processors in history.

These processors will be much more efficient than the 10-nanometer chips that are incorporated in the most powerful smartphones on the market. At the performance level, everything seems to indicate that there is a small difference between the processors of 7 nanometers and 10 nanometers.

Maybe because of that, because the difference is minimal, many companies will refuse to take the definitive step to 7 nanometers.

But Apple, which works with TSMC in the manufacture of its processors, will dare to make chips with the 7-nanometer process . At least, that suggests the rumors.

TSMC will need to manufacture between 120 and 150 million processors in a year to obtain benefits. So impressive is the investment in this technology.

Source | BGR 

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