The Apple Watch will crush the Xiaomi Mi Band ... in 2021 -


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Saturday, 23 December 2017

The Apple Watch will crush the Xiaomi Mi Band ... in 2021

This 2017 hardly has a week left, so it is an ideal time to take stock of the year and look to the future. That's what the IDC consultancy has done, which has analyzed in depth the market of wearables for the next few years extracting surprising and favorable conclusions ... especially for Apple.
We like wearables!

The first one is that wearables are on the rise. So much so that we will go from buying 113.2 million a year to reach 222.3 million. Although today this market is dominated by cheap activity wristbands (everyone knows someone with a Xiaomi Mi Band for example), the future is directed towards smartwatches, which will go from selling 61.5 million to 149 , 5 million in 2021, that is, wearables have an absolute king: the smart watch . And in that category there will be a model that helps give that push: the Apple Watch 3 with LTE.

Although the health functions will be a strong reason (never better said) to encourage its acquisition, it will not be the only one, now it will also be a fashion gadget . According to Jitesh Ubrani, senior analyst of the firm:

    It goes beyond health, it will also be fashionable. Fashion brands will have their opportunity with their customer base, who do not care so much about specific specifications.

The IDC expert goes further on the descent of the smartwatches in general and the Apple Watch in particular:

    The smartwatches will have a share of almost half of this sector and will be led by the Apple Watch, which will go from selling 31.6 million in 2017 to 71.5 million units

In the rise in the market share of smartwatches will also have something to do smart watches for children , which will go from having geolocalziación to incorporate many more games, apps to run and even communication tools.

And the rest of gadgets?

But there is life beyond wrist gadgets. And the headphones will hit another rise, with figures that reach the 10.6 million units sold at the end of 2021, with an annual growth of 58.5%. Of course, do not talk about the traditional bluetooth version, but the smart headphones . With AirPods selling like donuts , Apple will have a good market share.

Another area of ​​growth will be smart clothes and fitness trackers , especially among professional athletes. In this sector it will go from selling 2.4 million units to 11.5 million. If you have kept your mouth open for smart clothes, you know that for the moment what sells the most are the shoes that count our steps, although Levi's has already presented a jacket.

The hooves or desire for augmented reality and virtual reality also have their category. In it we see the team Magic Leap One, the first that integrates AR glasses, but sales at the moment will be cold because people find it hard to get away with that from home. If we add that this technology is "in diapers", as Tim Cook said a few months ago , it will be difficult for us to launch to acquire some.

Via | Patently Apple 

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