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Monday, 11 December 2017

The best cheap leather cases for your iPhone X

Recognize it, the iPhone X is the phone of your dreams. Elegant, distinguished, effective and expensive, very expensive . Therefore, we are many people who like to dress in the most beautiful way there may be, I speak of my personal taste, and it is with a leather case.

The advantages of the skin over other elements is that it has a very good aging, it is more, as it passes the most beautiful time is put. They have a very nice touch, warm, and even a very particular smell . In contrast, obviously we talk about its price and its maintenance, which you will have to do with special products, although I solve it with a little hand moisturizer.

Let's take a look at what the market offers us, leaving aside the Apple brand, which get into a price of 59 euros if we take the most economical. Join us to discover them!


First of all, we present a book-type case available in four colors and cowhide . It has magnetic closure and elegantly dresses your device. Its price is also quite competitive.


VRS case

In this case we find a more economical option, although the leather is synthetic. It is also a book type and has three slots to store debit or credit cards and a space for bills.


Dockem case

If you like to protect your iPhone but not hide it, we recommend this one. It is "sock" type, and has a perfect fit. On one side has some slots for the cards and on the other a shooter to get the phone . Of synthetic leather, for that reason his previous one does not arrive nor to ten euros. All a success.


If you have liked these proposals, you can buy them directly from here . Remember that we always look for the best accessories for you. 

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