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Monday, 25 December 2017

The budgie that sounds like the iPhone ringtone

Animals are fascinating, and whoever does not believe it is simply not spending enough time with them. Animals want us for what we are , they do not care if we are handsome or ugly, rich or poor or we have an iPhone or a cheap android. They also dedicate themselves to observing us with attention until unsuspected levels.

This is the case of the parakeet that we present today . His name is Lucky and he has an owner whose name we do not know, but he has the person who has uploaded him to Vimeo, his friend Ben Plumier.

Pluimer's friend loves his pet a lot, but unfortunately he can not spend 24 hours a day with him because you know, he has to work, socialize and those things that animals do not understand.

His budgie becomes terribly sad when his owner leaves and he has to spend hours just looking out the window. And what then does this sweet and intelligent bird do? Then call your attention in the most effective way possible: singing the iPhone ringtone .

Do not tell me he's not smart. Nothing wakes up more attention than a notification to our mobile: Who will it be? We are paralyzed and take care of the call. This parakeet is clear: we are addicted to mobile .

So Ben Pluimer has uploaded a video to Vimeo telling this story and detailing that:

    When the parakeet of my friend the parakeet gets angry, he sings Apple's tone.

And when does the parakeet get angry? From the moment he sees his owner putting on his shoes to leave home. The truth be told: nail the tone so well that it is difficult to distinguish if you are really calling the mobile if you are at a distance. What is adorable?

Via | Mashable 

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