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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

The failure of the Face ID that will make you miss the Touch ID

We have already been talking about the faults that Face ID has today. As a technology in itself, it is something revolutionary, however, as far as the concept is concerned, facial recognition is not at its best. At least, if we talk about his image, which has plummeted since the same day it was found that many systems could be deactivated with the use of a photograph.

There are not a few manufacturers that are trying to create their own solutions, and this would not be a harmful thing, but because many of these alternatives are too sloppy. Actually, they are little better than the infamous Face Unlock of Android , which is not exactly good, since this was one of the reasons that this method of security was left aside for a while because of its null reliability.

And precisely because of that problem of image (Never better said) that facial recognition technologies have, it is not especially motivating to know that even the most advanced biometric security system in mobile phones is having important problems.

Right now, that is what is happening with the iPhone X , which has just received another wave of attacks on its Face ID as if it were a new Christmas gift. Although this time it is something that Apple should be relatively easy to solve .

Exactly, it seems that some users are reporting a problem with purchases made through a family group , in which all members share the same payment method. The system would be requiring the password of the Apple ID instead of allowing them to use the Face ID, with the consequent inconveniences that this means in full Christmas. Most likely, this is something temporary, but if Apple pronounces, we will let you know.

And you, have you experienced this error?

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