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Sunday, 3 December 2017

The game of the week is sweeter than ever, Candy Crush Saga

We believe that it is not necessary to talk about Candy Crush Saga, as it is a success backed by more than 664 million downloads, which is said soon. Almost 10 percent of the world's population! And if there are many reasons to play Candy Crush , today we include one more, 100% of the profits generated with the purchase of (CANDYLICIOUS) RED will go to the Global Fund against HIV / AIDS for prevention, treatment, counseling and tests in sub-Saharan Africa.

That is to say, it has been included in Apple's APPS FOR RED program, destined to fight AIDS worldwide, of which the day was celebrated yesterday.

It is a game in which you have to think fast to pass the different levels that this puzzle offers, here in its sweetest version. The good thing about Candy Crush, which was launched in 2012 and is already a veteran, is that you can play both in the app and on Facebook, where it is a sensation.

The approach of the game is that of the typical puzzles, putting together several pieces of the same color, in this case they are sweets. The rest and the best is yet to come once you start the game. There are so many levels, each one with different challenges , that not getting hooked on it is very complicated. If you want to know more, we invite you to download it and read the game notes of the App Store.

Characteristics of Candy Crush Saga

  •     Varied game modes: target score, timed levels, drop mode and order mode.
  •     Collect sweets to progress in the candy counter and take surprises.
  •     Turn the daily booster roulette to get a delicious prize.
  •     Unwrap yourself in delicious surroundings and meet the sweetest characters.
  •     Tasty candies, special candy with wrapping and stripes, color pumps and several other magic boosters that will help you overcome stimulating levels.
  •     Thousands of the best levels in the Kingdom of Candy and we add more every two weeks for you to enjoy!
  •     Rankings to see the score of your friends and competitors.
  •     Connect to the Internet to unlock all game features and synchronize your game between all your devices. 

You already have entertainment for these pre-holiday days, and now it 's for a good cause , the global fight against AIDS.
Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga

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