The global average speed of the Internet increased substantially in 2017 -


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Sunday, 17 December 2017

The global average speed of the Internet increased substantially in 2017

However, this global average speed of the Internet could have been overcome if it were not for the scarce infrastructure in the networks of a limited set of countries worldwide.

According to Speedtest , the global average speed of the Internet has increased in the last 12 months.
The new Ookla speed test was released in November with functionality that provides a deeper analysis of the global network. Global Speed ​​has been developed to show the global average speed of the Internet worldwide, providing comparison data between the different fixed network and mobile network speeds. These data were presented as comparative data between the fixed network and the mobile network at different times of the year. To celebrate the launch (and the end of 2017), the company Global Speed ​​offered a report detailing numerous speed oscillations throughout the year 2017.

According to Speedtest, global average speed of Internet   mobile download, increase by 30% in the last 12 months, while the average global speed of Internet upload, recorded a growth of 38.9%.

In the area of ​​fixed Internet networks, the scenario also looks promising, since it is projected to increase global average download speed by 31.6% and upload speed by 25.9%.

Despite the development and efforts of several advanced countries, the average has not been exceeded due to the scarce infrastructure in networks of a small set of countries. In fact there are about 119 countries where the average speed of the mobile Internet is higher than the average record, which oscillates around 20.28 Mbps. But as regards the fixed speeds, the majority is below the average value.

According to this report , of the countries where mobile Internet speed showed greater increases in the last year, were: Laos, where the increase was 249.5%, the small island of RĂ©union, a region of France, experienced an increase of 141.5%, followed by Vietnam, Trinidad and Tobago, Hong Kong and Lebanon, are the group that makes the first on the list. Others, such as Guatemala, Ghana, Peru and India, were the countries where the speed of the mobile Internet also obtained a greater growth compared to previous years.

In the fixed broadband group, India was placed at the head of the most populated countries in the world by the improvements in the download speed during the last 12 months with an increase of 76.9%, surpassing the second place in China in 42.3 % and a 37.3% increase with respect to the United States.

In Puerto Rico, the mobile discharge rate fell sharply in 2017. According to the competent authorities, this phenomenon has been due to the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which reached the territory in September last, unfortunately destroying a large part of the networks Algeria recorded the largest decrease in download speed with respect to fixed broadband in the world, with 23.9%. The drops of 9.1% in Ecuador and 6.5% in Latvia were less worrisome.

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