The great rival of the iPhone X comes out in February: this is the Samsung Galaxy S9 -


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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The great rival of the iPhone X comes out in February: this is the Samsung Galaxy S9

After having suffered the effects of the launch of the iPhone X , which had been going strong since it was introduced in September, Samsung seems to be more determined than ever to stand up to Apple . However, after today's filtration, it is not very clear what their plan is to do it, since, despite the fact that the new telephone number of the Californians has been very welcome, it does not give the impression that the Koreans are going to face each other directly. with the.

After seeing the renders of the supposed Samsung Galaxy S9, we have more clear than ever that Samsung should be keeping a surprise up its sleeve. And it is impossible to try to beat the iPhone X with a phone that is really similar to its predecessor. Of course, we will have the classic hardware improvements , and the camera takes a large part of these. But beyond that, it will be nothing more than a Galaxy S8s.

The Galaxy S9 could cause Apple to relax again 

However, as I said at the beginning, there is still hope. There is still the possibility that, taking advantage of the presentation event of this new phone, which would be in February, during the MWC of Barcelona, the Galaxy X that we have heard so much about is revealed . The one that will try to completely redefine the way we use the phones, and that could really fight against the iPhone X and get to beat it.

And all this, we would benefit the followers of Apple for a very specific reason, the competition. If Samsung does not present a device that is really different, and is limited to improving what they already have, then Apple, with all probability, will save their best cards for another occasion. And honestly, after having seen how the iPhone X looks, I am really interested to know what they are hiding.

And you, do you expect the arrival of the new Galaxy?

Via | MacRumors 

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