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Friday, 15 December 2017

The iPhone X does not like Chinese

The iPhone X has been the most awaited terminal for all, and also after a summer full of rumors about its name, whether it was going to carry or not Face ID, wireless charging and everything else. Well, owning an iPhone X in China can be very problematic , we tell you why.

The problem comes from Face ID, the facial recognition system that Apple has decided to implement in its devices and that has caused such a stir. A Chinese woman has been offered a refund on her iPhone X after discovering that her co-worker could unlock the device via Face ID .

And it is already known what we Westerners say, "all Chinese are equal", and although it is not true, it may be so for the TrueDepth system of the device. The Chinese woman, known only as Yan, spoke to a media outlet this week, saying that her co-worker was able to unlock her iPhone X by Face ID , and all this despite having reconfigured it several times.

Yan called Apple to report the problem, where the staff assured him that it was impossible for this to happen, so he went to an Apple Store to prove it to the employees, who could verify that the woman was telling the truth .

Apple gave another iPhone X to Yan, but the problem continued to persist . So we do not know if poor Mrs. Yan will have changed brand or model of iPhone, but as this problem is common in the Asian giant, can embarrass Apple and its expansion plans in the country.

And, despite the fact that the Face ID error rate is 1 in 1,000,000, this statistic breaks with Mrs. Yan . Nothing is perfect!

Via | fudzilla 

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