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Saturday, 30 December 2017

The main Android manufacturers ensure that they do not slow down their phones

A river uprooted, gain of fishermen. That is what many mobile phone manufacturers have thought when they have seen Apple involved in the batterygate scandal. For this reason, they have taken the opportunity to get out of the way and declare that no, they do not slow down the mobile phones they launch onto the market . Among the firms that have ensured that this controversial Apple measure is not followed are HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung.

It is clear that Apple has gotten into this mess on its own merits and eye, it is not the measure itself, we remember it is a software feature to protect the integrity of the iPhone components, what has bothered has been the lack of transparency . But the evil is already done and Apple can only do what it has done: ask for forgiveness , explain everything, promise more communication with its users and lower battery replacement prices .

The first to speak were HTC and Motorola that were limiting in their statements to The Verge . Motorola said it loud and clear:

    We do not modify the performance of the CPU depending on the state of the batteries.

HTC also departed from this practice of Apple:

    It's not something we think should be done.

Surprisingly, HTC was discovered long ago increasing the performance of its terminals artificially to score better in the benchmarks .

Phone Arena collects the emails of LG and Samsung about the subject and their opinion about it:

    We have never done it and we never will. We care what our clients think.

In Samsung they went further , explaining their policy regarding batteries:

    The quality of the products has always been and will be the priority of Samsung. We provide extended warranty for our batteries, in addition to numerous layers of security, such as security algorithms that manage the battery in terms of charging time. We do not reduce the performance of the CPU with updates.

For a few months we have been involved in a funny guerrilla campaign in the form of ads that Samsung started mocking rather shamelessly the iPhone and later Motorola responded with an epic zasca to the Korean firm.

With the batterygate, Samsung has plenty of material to keep pointing at Apple in their ads . The question is, will he continue to do so? Personally, I find it very sad that someone has to point to another to promote themselves. I do not know, I would use the commercial's 30 seconds to sell my product and not to discredit another brand.

But of course, when Apple and its iPhone have an almost religious status, the only way to compete is to seek controversy. But with the quality of the top of Samsung range, it is not necessary to throw in the mud. Not to mention that in terms of batteries, Samsung has enough in its curriculum to be quiet , something that did the rest when the Note7 had explosive batteries. 

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