The most expensive Apple computer will cost you more than a car -


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Saturday, 16 December 2017

The most expensive Apple computer will cost you more than a car

From yesterday you can already buy in the Apple online store the new machine that has presented the Cupertino company. It is a very powerful computer, which is capable of everything. The engineers of Apple have not left stitch without thread , of such way that this computer can tackle the heaviest and tedious tasks, like those referred to handle videos in 4K, renderizaciones, or compilation of applications.

And of course, when we talk about Apple products we talk about good performance design and also high price. In this case, the base price of the most basic iMac Pro computer is around 5000 euros , a figure that is beyond the reach of many users.

But that is not all, because we are talking about the basic model, which in itself is quite complete. If we do a simulation on the Apple website and we add all the top features of the computer, it turns out that the final price is more than 16,000 euros , as we said in the title. Come on, you can change your car with that money without any inconvenience.

From a personal point of view, maybe I think that this type of computer is designed for very professional jobs, so it can be a good option for companies that work with video games, applications or for architectural studies or similar things. Although it must be incredible to have it in your own home, I can not imagine how a video game can be there.

In addition, the type of tax applied by the United States is much lower than that applied in Spain. There is around 10.25%, while here, being a luxury item, we are talking about 21% VAT . Without a doubt, it is much less advantageous to buy it in Spain than to do it in another country.

And in another order of things, Apple has just announced that super computer will be available in physical stores half of next week , so if you want to try it or have a look do not stop going to your favorite Apple Store.

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