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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The new iMac Pro from Apple revolutionizes desktop machines

On June 5, Apple presented its new and improved product from the iMac family that comes to revolutionize the world of desktop computers, the so-called Apple iMac Pro , which will come with a new and attractive spatial gray color. This equipment will be available for purchase at the end of December in North America starting at $ 4,999.

Apple's new iMac Pro will feature an Intel Xeon processor of up to 18 cores, an AMD professional graphics card with up to 22 teraflops of graphics computing.
The news that describes the most important features of the Apple iMac Pro are very promising.

Includes a " coprocessor" A10 Fusion : According to designers of Apple's iMac Pro it will include the A10 "Fusion" processor first seen on the iPhone 7, which will function as a coprocessor on the larger PC, running its own stand-alone version of iOS called BridgeOS to manage security. According to these rumors, this processor will also be used to support a feature always activated "Hey Siri", similar to what is available on the iPhone. Although MacBooks currently have Siri, they can not be called only with your voice.

On the other hand, the designer Steve Troughton-Smith through his Twitter "The coprocessor seems to handle the boot process and security of MacOS, as expected. IMac Pro allows Apple to experiment with tighter control without the rest of the user base going crazy. " The idea of ​​using a secondary processor is not new to Apple, however, the next iMac Pro will be the first time an "A" series chip will be installed on a Mac. The A10 chip (ARM64) will have its own memory. 512 MB, which will reside from the boot process to protect the environment and scan the firmware for damage. Also, it will be responsible for giving green light for the main processor of the iMac Pro (x86) to connect and turn on the operating system. In addition, the A10 chip will prevent the main processor from loading any software, if something does not look good from the beginning. You could say that the x86 is the coprocessor and the A10 is in control, because this chip can remain on, even when the iMac Pro is turned off.

The iMac Pro with Final Cut Pro X. One of the great innovations that will come within this team, will be the editing program Final Cut Pro X 10.4. Some of the features of Final Cut Pro X 10.4 are that they will be compatible with the new capabilities of iMac Pro and include support for virtual reality and HDR workflows and 360 titles and transitions. Clearly, Apple is focusing on its audience of professional users and publishers who work with a large number of high quality videos.

The company has established that Intel will use Intel "Xeon" with eight, 10 and 18 cores, or the newly announced Intel "Purley" Xeon processors based on the Skylake-SP architecture. Also, the new "Purley" Platinum and Gold Xeon processors are based on the LGA 3647 socket (Socket P) and are designed for data center servers with two or more processors. In addition, the LGA 3647 socket supports six memory modules, which would be excessive for Apple's "all-in-one" workstation. The three Xeon processors installed in Apple's iMac Pro will be based on three Intel X-Series processors. According to the Apple website, iMac Pro will have "Turbo Boost speeds of up to 4.5 GHz", which will be compatible with the maximum speeds of two of the three mentioned chips.

In addition, Apple says that the Xeon processors of iMac Pro will have up to 42MB in cache memory, which would indicate that the X-Series chip base would be designed for the professional environment since it will have enough hardware to optimally run a virtual reality helmet , like the HTC Vive. On the other hand, it does not have physical video outputs, so the addition of external screens must be done through the provided Thunderbolt 3 ports, which are compatible with the DisplayPort protocol. A Lightning-to-USB cable is provided, but you will need to purchase Type-C cables or adapters compatible with Thunderbolt 3 and its external display port (VGA, HDMI, DVI or DisplayPort).

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