The new Samsung Galaxy X folding phone will look like a Nintendo DS with a screen that can be folded. -


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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The new Samsung Galaxy X folding phone will look like a Nintendo DS with a screen that can be folded.

For the new collapsible Galaxy X model of Samsun g, which will be launched in 2018, the South Korean company obtained a patent in which a screen can be seen that can be folded and in each half appear headphones, controls and cameras. Samsung's Galaxy X is very similar to a Nintendo DS and also ZTE Axon M cell phone, which has two screens attached. The drawings show a cell phone with a double screen that, when used in horizontal mode, controls are obtained on a screen and other secondary controls can be seen on the upper screen.

Some rumors suggest that Samsung's Galaxy X will be presented at a major event, and the model will be so innovative and exclusive that there will only be 100,000 copies for sale.

In the new patent on behalf of the South Korean company, it is revealed in illustrations the way in which the screen of the Samsung Galaxy X would be used and divided literally. The patent suggests that each of the screens would have its own camera and a speaker, although it is not clear if there will also be a camera in the back. Galaxy X would detect when a screen is the only one used and would turn off the secondary to save battery.

DJKoh, the president of Samsung's mobile division, has said that in 2018, the Note phone could have a flexible and foldable design and that it has no name yet. The company is working to find solutions to technological problems that have been presented in the model. The statement was made to reporters in South Korea, after having received a question about a possible Samsung Galaxy X flexible, to which he responded that "as head of the business, I can say that is our goal for next year." The company has patented various related technologies and has shown prototype folding screens in public.

The rumors about the Galaxy X, which has also been known as Project Valley , began several years ago. The device has never been seen publicly, which indicates that the company could have technical problems. The truth is that Koh did not give many details about what the problems are. He only said that "numerous obstacles" must be overcome before the cell phone is ready for launch. Koh also indicated that if the problems can not be solved in time, the release date for a flexible Galaxy Note could change.

According to the information, it will have a folding board with a curvature of 1.0R, which means that the board can move inward like a paper, and although it is not yet confirmed with what material the monitor will be manufactured, there are strong rumors that it will be a plastic material On the other hand, Samsung is expected to use a method to process the display joints separately for the panel to be thin and flexible. They also point out that Samsung is eager to beat Apple in the market with a foldable smartphone, especially given the recent rumors that have been created about Apple, which claim that Apple's company is developing a folding iPhone along with LG Display . A few weeks ago it was announced that Apple is working on a secret smartphone project with LG, to prevent Samsung from stealing the design. In addition, a patent appeared describing the technology that will be used to build these folding smartphones, where it was revealed that it is possible that these devices have a micro-LED screen.

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