The next Apple Watch will be your cardiologist -


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Friday, 22 December 2017

The next Apple Watch will be your cardiologist

Health, for Apple, is one of the main markets of the present, and the future. There is not a single year in which the company does not invest in this field in order that its products achieve a more "human" purpose. And the Apple Watch, is its main standard in the product catalog of the Cupertino. The only device that really is part of our image, the one that is most in contact with our body.

In fact, the news today is given precisely because this is the most personal device of the company. And, according to the information they have provided from Bloomberg, a future Apple Watch model would have a module capable of performing electrocardiograms , or ECG. This test will allow users access to more complete information about the state of the heart, however, this novelty could mean some other change in the development of Apple Watch.

In the first place, for the implementation of a medical analysis module, Apple will need the approval of the organizations responsible for the control of this type of device, such as the FDA in the United States.

Without this approval, a watch with these characteristics could not be released. Although this is not the main problem, but rather what could happen right after, when the public accesses this new Apple Watch.

While it would allow users to detect anomalies in the health of their bodies, it would also mean that Apple would have to be much more careful when presenting the data. However, it seems that this novelty would be more dedicated to professionals, for research tasks, and not to consumers. And, it must be borne in mind that sometimes having too much information that we do not understand is not good, especially if we talk about our own health .

Source | Bloomberg 

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