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Friday, 1 December 2017

The OCU against the iPhone X

The truth is that whenever a new device model comes out, whether it is Apple or not, it is subjected to a stress test. More than this so tactical denomination, I prefer to call it "to see how I can break it". And it's usually foreign videos that populate YouTube with this series of tests.

However, the OCU, the consumer organization, has subjected the iPhone X to tests in some laboratories with obvious results. And what are these evidences? That Apple's flagship is fragile, very fragile. The conclusions are more than evident. Shortly after suffering a fall, and as it is not properly protected, you will end up with the shattered screen and with the rear screen probably also damaged.

Not only have a device been subjected to this series of tests, but there have been three and two of them ended up with the screen inoperative and the other suffered damage to its back, which is also glass. What are the recommendations that we are given by the OCU to protect our treasure? Well the same as anyone with two fingers of forehead, invest in a good case, not just a decorative element but security, put a screen protector and be very careful when picking it up.

Because if there is something clear is that there are many occasions throughout the day in which our phone can end up on the floor. Even if you do not have it in your hands, the same thing happens, imagine Huawei's announcement, a phone charging is a magnet for falls . So you know, be very careful with your iPhone X, it is more fragile than you think and if you can afford it, make insurance that covers this type of contingencies.

Have you ever wrecked a phone? Under what circumstances?

Via | OCU 

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