The perfect gift for Apple fans is sold out until 2018 -


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Saturday, 2 December 2017

The perfect gift for Apple fans is sold out until 2018

It has been 6 years since the great Steve Jobs went into eternity after years suffering a terrible cancer. The founder of Apple was a whole personality, and his aura went beyond the business scope . And Steve is not only a boss, it is clear that he was a true visionary with very clear ideas of what he wanted to achieve, and boy did he get it.

It is clear that his footprint continues to weigh heavily, and so much so that the merchandising surrounding his image is omnipresent.

So much is the cult of his figure that many of his followers have him, that a toy company has launched a hyperrealist figure of the genius of Cupertino . A small toy of little more than 20 centimeters and that is the work of Damtoys.

The level of detail of the figure is maximum, and represents Jobs dressed in his usual way , jeans, black turtleneck, sneakers and round glasses. Not content with that, it includes a series of accessories , namely:

  •     MacBook Air
  •     Floppy.
  •     Two pairs of additional hands.
  •     The Apple Macintosh computer from 1984.
  •     An apple bitten. 

Such is the success of the figure, that even before being released for sale is already completely exhausted, in fact it is impossible to get at the moment. And that its price is not negligible, we talk about 160 euros of price .

Therefore, all those mitómanas people and wanting to have a small altar that honors the figure of Jobs, will have to wait for the company to increase production . And it is already known, deceased personalities continue to generate income after having left this world.

Come on, that this Steve Jobs kit has generated as much success as the iPhone X. We will wait for you! 

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