The Samsung Galaxy S9 will copy the best strategy of the Apple iPhone -


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Friday, 15 December 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will copy the best strategy of the Apple iPhone

The company Apple has always been a mirror in which to look and it is not for less. The sales success of any iPhone that has come to market speaks for itself. In South Korea, Samsung engineers already realized how Apple was able to do things , and in 2010 developed an internal document in which instructions were given to copy the iPhone.

Little by little Samsung has put the brakes and has been able to get good phones with their own entity. Bet on the infinite screens, which Apple has taken on his iPhone X. However, there is something that Samsung is willing to copy from the American company.

In 2014, Apple surprised with its series 6 of two sizes. This has been maintained until the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus , the last model being 100 euros more expensive than normal. And in the Plus models, the benefit of Apple is greater than in the others, because the processor, for example, is the same and the RAM is 3 GB instead of 2 GB, the cost difference being negligible .

Generally speaking, the more expensive iPhone models have higher profit margins . Do you really think that a 256GB flash memory chip costs Apple more than a 64GB chip? Evidently not

Consumers are (or are) willing to pay more for the extra size and that additional feature (enhanced camera). And starting in 2018, it seems that Samsung will finally start doing it too. Guess what Asians will do to add additional appeal to the Galaxy S9 + next year. Bingo! will implement a dual rear camera and extra RAM .

In short, who marked the path for Samsung in 2010 will continue to do so years later.

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