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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The surprising response of an Apple manager on the bugs of iOS 11

Apple is synonymous with design, stability, robustness, intutitividad ... however, sometimes the Cupertino do not stop surprising us with blunders. And to show a button: iOS 11 is full of bugs and bugs that have put us in trouble . How is it possible that a version with so many tests has so many problems?

That question we do it many, so much so that the head of Marketing of Apple, Phil Schiller, has been forced to answer it in the most natural and human way possible. But in his interview for The Telegraph he not only talked about that but he touched all the news of the bitten apple .

Why did they launch the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X the same year?

Among the issues that Schiller reviewed is the line of iPhone launched this 2017. And is that many still surprised that the iPhone X shared poster with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus , leading the latter models to some ostracism. In his words, the iPhone 8 came to create a new generation of phones like those of previous years:

    It has been a very special year for us. It's something that we've been planning for quite some time and we wanted to have the opportunity to create a new generation of phones like we've done every year and that's the iPhone 8.

On the other hand, Schiller says that the iPhone X is Apple's way of changing the pace in the smartphone market for the next few years in the most disruptive way possible:

    At the same time we wanted to create something more aggressive, that's the iPhone X. It's something we've never done before but it's working great.

However for Schiller that Apple currently sell 5 different types of iPhone is not a problem nor does it mean that the strategy is altering. For example, the iPhone SE exists because it simply embraces the needs of some consumers . However, he did not commit to ensuring that there was a new iPhone SE 2 for half of 2108.

Why does HomePod suffer so many delays?

Another hot topic is HomePod. The intelligent speaker of Apple does not stop being delayed , but Schiller turns around the tortilla and explains that they do it because unlike the competition, they do not launch a product to meet deadlines, because they are different.

    Not everyone follows our modus operandi in the industrial one. We are at the beginning of this smart speaker market and we want to do it right. Some firms launch products to the market knowing that they will not succeed. We worry about the quality of our gadgets and if it is not ready, then it is not.

Why so many failures in iOS 11?

Perhaps your most interesting answer is the one related to the numerous bugs in the software of 2017 , something that includes the numerous bugs in iOS 11 and the vulnerability flaws in macOS. Your answer can not leave us speechless.

    We have gone through a bad time. A couple of things have happened and that's it. The team will audit the systems and take care of the process. With an in-depth investigation we will prevent it from happening again.

Via | The Telegraph 

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