The ultimate trick to order apps on iPhone that you did not know -


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Monday, 25 December 2017

The ultimate trick to order apps on iPhone that you did not know

Apple's operating systems, and the company's products in general, are known to be truly intuitive and simple . With so are a couple of touches, we can get anywhere without even having to read a single manual.

However, there are certain details that, as in any other case, need to be polished. Minutes that in certain occasions can get to annoy the whole experience . In the case of iOS, one of those minutiae is the organization of apps that, as you know, can be a really annoying process.

    Please tell me there's a better way from ios 

Although these years have been applying various changes to the graphical interface of the operating system, and have added new gestures with which to perform many actions in a simple way, it seems incredible that we have to continue using something like that. We have to be playing to place each app in the perfect place, because otherwise we will have to keep trying, as shown in this video.

Luckily for all of us, there are still some little tricks that can be really useful for these cases. For example, for when we want to place an app in a folder that otherwise would not stop moving in the Springboard while we try to catch it.

In this case, we can make use of a multi-touch gesture, which will surely remind you of some of the ones that have been introduced with the latest version of the operating system. You only have to activate the editing mode keeping your finger on any of the icons until they begin to shake, or until it seems that they have been raised as in the second video, and then touch, with another finger, the folder in which We want to put the app. In this easy way, they will not escape even once.

And you, have you already tried this trick?

Via | BGR 

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