The wallpapers of all the iPhone adapted to the iPhone X -


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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The wallpapers of all the iPhone adapted to the iPhone X

You probably already have the iPhone X or are planning to buy it or have it for Christmas . We will not be the ones who are going to take away the desire because the truth is that the flagship of Apple is all a telephone sir.

Its characteristics are well known, although we will review them, and there is no doubt that they have been a revolution for users.

First, a 5.8-inch screen with OLED technology. The brightest iPhone you've ever seen , with a novel aspect ratio and no borders, being what is called an infinite screen.

Then we found the Face ID, a biometric identification system by which you can unlock the iPhone and authorize payments with Apple Pay using your face . It is based on a scanning system that registers 30000 points of your face, and that is able to work in the dark thanks to the infrared.

As a last novelty, although there are many more, I would highlight the use of Animojis. It is nothing more than a system of animated emoticons that can give your messages a funny character, and that undoubtedly delight everyone .

The iPhone X uses iOS 11, Apple's operating system and has brought many new features, perhaps the iPad device in which this system takes full advantage. And of course, new wallpapers or wallpapers come .

How would you like to have all the funds of any iPhone and any version of iOS on your iPhone X? Well, that possibility is available to us, because by clicking here you can download them.

So you can customize your latest acquisition with a 2007 fund, for example, why deny it, they had a special charm . Do not miss any of our news and do not forget to follow us on social networks. We will wait for you!

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