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Saturday, 16 December 2017

These are the best selling mobile phones of 2017, will there be an iPhone?

To little more than two weeks for its completion, this 2017 will be remembered in the technological world as the tenth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone thanks to the majestic and expensive iPhone X. However, the prestigious TIME magazine has declared it one of the inventions of the year with the Nintendo Switch.

But one thing is originality and another is sales . The consultant Kantar has revealed which are the most sold mobile phones in Spain in 2017, will the iPhone X be among the chosen ones? 

The most sold mobile phones in 2017

Few surprises in terms of brands: Samsung is the best-selling company and it's no wonder . Koreans launch mobiles like churros attacking from the highest range with their Note8 to the most austere. In addition and as is a sign on Android, its terminals are devalued very fast, so the Samsung Galaxy S8 already has an ideal price. Crown this ranking the Samsung Galaxy J5 followed by his brother the Samsung Galaxy J3.

After them, the copper medal is for the Huawei P8 Lite. We have to go to the fifth place to find an iPhone and no, it is not what you expect: it is iPhone 7.

But 2017 will also be the landing of Xiaomi in Spain , that is, you will no longer have to go on the adventure to get a mobile phone of this brand. And it has already been noted: the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is the eighth best selling terminal.
The iPhone 7 is the best selling iPhone in Spain in 2017

Maybe the iPhone X covers all the covers, but it was late, it's expensive and its availability has been limited. If the iPhone 8 was surprising because it is one of the most searched terms in 2017 , now it is the iPhone 7 that is consolidated as the best selling Apple terminal .

Of course today is an incredible option for its combination of quality and price . Apple remains in our country with a 10.5% market share thanks to the loyalty of its users.

Pablo Martínez de Kantar explains it this way:

It is true that Apple is the brand that manages to move a greater mass of loyal customers (queuing in stores the night before its major launches) but still has a lot of growth in Spain to reach the levels of the United Kingdom or United States. For the characteristics of the Spanish market may be a handicap for growth the price differential with other terminals of other brands, but always capture the piece of the pie of the market that seeks 'exclusivity' or that 'halo of fashion' that Apple can offer . Samsung for its part can cover most of the market by having a range of terminals much more heterogeneous from more basic terminals to more exclusive ones . "

Of course, it is being noted that users are increasingly stretching their iPhones . According to Martinez, 35.3% of users have an Apple phone with more than two years old, something that penalizes sales of the bitten apple.

Where is the market going?

Seeing the list of best-selling terminals one thing is clear: we like the Spaniards great . In fact, 84% of the phones sold this year have a screen of 5 inches or more.

Without going any further, the iPhone 7 Plus was the first Plus device that sold more than the standard model , although not only can be attributed to the preference of a larger display but also to its double lens. According to Kantar, Apple users claim to be increasingly satisfied with increasingly larger iPhone models.

Another trend that will surprise no one is that every time we pay more for our terminals : on average we paid 237 euros, 61 euros more than in 2016. Therefore more and more brands find the mid-range as the most competitive.

It is clear that the phones with infinite screen have also landed strongly in our country and that during the first half of 2018 Huawei, Xiaomi and LG will launch their next flagships in order to try to deal with Apple.

It sounds exotic but another imminent reality is that of flexible mobiles . At the moment it is known that both Samsung and Apple walk with patents to launch sooner rather than later.

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