These are the best wallpapers to celebrate the new year -


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Thursday, 28 December 2017

These are the best wallpapers to celebrate the new year

Maybe the year 2017 that is dismissed in three days has been good for you, maybe not. The point is that the passage of time is implacable and nothing we can do to stop it. What is in our hands is to fill it with good wishes , with healthy intentions and to try to achieve what we set out to do.

In the year that now ends we have seen the birth of the iPhone X , iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus , a new operating system that is iOS 11 and the retirement of the first Mac Mini. What will this 2018 bring for those in Cupertino? Surely they already have things in their heads for us to write the letter to the Magi in this new year.

And of course, so that the transition from one year to another is more pleasant for your iPhone, we have prepared a selection of wallpapers with these festive and celebratory reasons . If you want to see them, and download them, take a look at what we have prepared.

New Year wallpapers for iPhone 

How to select a new wallpaper

After downloading the wallpaper you want on your device, you will have to access the "Wallpaper" section of the iOS Settings application to include the new wallpaper on your Home Screen or on your Lock Screen from the "Select" option another fund. " 

And this has been our selection of wallpapers or wallpapers for the new years for all models of Apple's iPhone, surely you've already been infatuated with some. We hope you have been to your liking , now it's your turn to personalize your iPhone with these festive wallpapers. And from here, take the opportunity to send you a big hug from the entire iPadizate team . Happy New Year!

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