These are the premieres of Netflix for 2018, you can not miss them! -


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Friday, 15 December 2017

These are the premieres of Netflix for 2018, you can not miss them!

The month that begins shortly will host very interesting news on Netflix . It will be an ideal month to renew the subscription of streaming services and enjoy the best series of today. While two of the three price plans have raised their price by one euro, it is still a great opportunity to see all multimedia content anywhere.

    If there had been Instagram in his time, Princess Margaret would have been the Queen. #TheCrown
    - Netflix Spain (@NetflixES) December 13, 2017


    Lovesick: Season 3
    Comedians in Cars Getting Coffe Collections
    Disjointed: Part 2
    Black Lightning: Season 1
    Devilment Crybaby: Season 1
    The ministry of time: Season 3
    Grace and Frankie: Season 4
    Van Helsing: Season 2
    Times of war: Season 1
    Weens: From season 1 to 8
    Without breasts there is no paradise: Season 2
    Black Sails: Season 4


    Open doors
    The king of the polka
    A futile and stupid gesture
    The Stanford Prison Experiment
    Whiplash: Music and obsession
    The suffragettes
    The incident
    Mustang Island
    The scoundrel grandfather
    Connection of love

Documentaries and specials

    Ricardo Quevedo: There are people like that
    Alejandro RiaƱo: Stand up special
    Arango and Saint: Laughter The Show
    Tom Segura: Disgraceful
    He named me Malala


    Trolls: Do not lose the rhythm !: Season 1
    The Adventures of Puss in Boots: Season 6
    Llama Llama: Season 1
    Young Justice: Seasons 1 and 2
    Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Season 1

Download Netflix for iPhone and iPad

You can install the official Netflix application for iOS on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by clicking on the following download button:

How to renew your Netflix subscription

There are different methods to renew your monthly Netflix subscription, in this small tutorial we will explain how to do it from your iPhone or from your iPad.

1. Open the iOS App Store.

2. Access the "Apple ID" button at the bottom.

3. Select the "View Apple ID" option.

4. Enter your credentials or use Touch ID.

5. Click on the "Subscriptions" section.

6. Choose the Netflix option you want.

The Netflix monthly subscription is available in three options : € 7.99 (1 screen), € 10.99 (2 screens) and € 13.99 (4 screens).

Well now that you know the news of Netflix for this next month, it is a good time to sign up and so not miss anything, we already enjoy these contents. We wait for you on our sofa!

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