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Monday, 25 December 2017

They gave me an iPhone, what accessories do I buy?

Yesterday was a magical day, the tinkling of Santa's sleigh, the reindeer and their rattles as they landed on our roofs. Idyllic, but importantly, it is important, and we all have run in the morning to see if the little man from Coca Cola has supplied our most consumeristic desires : that one day is a day and we have to be selfish.

If you have reached this post it is because Santa has behaved well and has fulfilled your greatest wish: he has brought you an iPhone , which you will enjoy (or have already enjoyed) configuring and playing. But, such a famous mobile is surrounded by fantastic gadgets: here we leave you the accessories that you can go to buy yourself or, who knows, ask them to the Magi.

The best accessories for your new iPhone

Apple Watch Series 3 

The best complement that exists for our iPhone is the smart watch of the company of the bitten apple: water resistant, direct connection with Siri and prepared to accompany you in all your physical activity.

Apple Watch Series 3


If the headphones included by Apple in its packaging do not convince you and want something that denote more your feeling of fanboy, or simply, your taste for the latest technology. Buy yourself the AirPods, the smartest headphones in history.



Do you want your iPhone to be your radio control? With this R2-D2 remote control from Sphero you can make it a reality, as well as controlling one of the most famous robots in history. The same company has developed other remote control droids such as BB-8 or BB-9E.


Iphone case

The iPhone is almost collector's pieces, that less than protect them with a more than resistant cases. Whether you have given an iPhone 8 or iPhone X here you have your cases.

The gadget with which we have the majority of iPadizate's editors: the UGREEN wireless charger. One of the most famous currently and one of the best sellers in Amazon. Santa brought me this Christmas and he paints very well.

UGREEN Wireless Charger 

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