This is the Heart Study, the new Apple application capable of saving lives -


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Saturday, 2 December 2017

This is the Heart Study, the new Apple application capable of saving lives

Although many refuse to accept it, current technology is capable of performing incredible things for the benefit of human beings. That the new gadgets allow us to streamline processes that were once eternal is already a great achievement.

However, the Cupertino have decided to do something slightly different this time. From now on, your Apple Watch could be able to save your life thanks to this new functionality. Here we explain a little more about what it is about.

Apple Heart Study 

Apple, in conjunction with Stanford University, have gone to work to develop an application with which they plan to change the landscape of health. The app in question has been called Apple Heart Study, and as the name implies, it tracks our heart rate using the sensors that Apple Watch has integrated.

If for some reason the application begins to detect ravings in the user's heart rate, it will automatically alert us that we may be having a problem. In addition, we will offer to contact a doctor to study our case if necessary.
Changing the health landscape

It is not the first time that we see an application that analyzes our heart rate. In the App Store we can find hundreds of them, however, none account with the necessary precision to be taken as a real diagnosis.

On the other hand, those of Cupertino hope that this application helps to understand more thoroughly the different diseases of the heart , thanks to the data sent by the Apple Watch. Thanks to this, a device as small as this clock would be able to provide a little light to this field of medicine.

Apple takes its work in the health sector seriously , and we can verify that with each generation of Apple Watch that goes on sale. In addition, devices with iOS have the Health application, which helps us monitor from the time we spend sitting, to the moments of peace we have had during the week.

Do you think it is necessary for Apple to do this? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | The vanguard 

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