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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

This is how you can use the iPhone iMessage with an Android

Incredible as it seems, there are people who prefer Android over iOS . We are not going to inquire about the advantages of the iPhone over Android because for tastes, colors, but the truth is that many of us are delighted with the security, fluidity, intuitiveness and design of iOS ... not to mention its native software.

And is that we recognize, iMessage is spectacular: texts, videos, audios, synchronization with apps, multiple effects and gestures ... some things that WhatsApp has been acquiring over time but that the native iOS messaging app already counted. In fact, many believe that it would be able to unseat WhatsApp if it were not exclusive to iOS . Until now.

No, at the moment Apple does not plan to launch iMessage for Android because after all, iOS and its software is the true strong point and differential of the bitten apple. But if you want to use iMessage with an Android phone or tablet, there is a compatible alternative to save the matter: its name is weMessage and it is both application and server. Interestingly, it has been developed by a 16-year-old boy named Roman Scott, the same person who explains it in a reddit post.

weMessage allows you to simply and iMessage use Android devices through two pieces of software: an Android app and a server, called weServer. And eye, because here comes the fine print: weServer must be installed on a Mac computer, acting as a bridge between iMessage and your Android phone or tablet, so everything that glitters is not gold.

It is not the first time it is done, and usually Apple ends up covering these solutions considering that their software is manipulated , but Roman believes that this time weMessage will succeed where others have failed.

But for the moment, this is a good and useful solution. So if you have a Mac and an Android device , you can download it from here .

Via | Reddit 

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