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Thursday, 21 December 2017

This is the night mode that we would like to see on the iPhone X

There are Apple things that veteran iPhone users can not explain. How is it possible that a company that has the best engineers has not developed an authentic night mode ? Is it that Apple intend us to continue seeing light colors on our screens?

It is true that in iOS 11, an operating system that does not stop being in everyone's mouth, either for good or misfortune, includes an option in Accessibility called Intelligent Investment . Not that it's a true night mode, but it's pretty close. but no, it is not what users look for if we do not want to bother with the light of the screen in certain circumstances.

And maybe Apple is waiting for the new iOS, which we assume will be called iOS 12 to implement it on their computers. Besides the comfort for the users in so many occasions, (to take care of something urgent in a cinema), it is necessary to go a point beyond. The iPhone X already mounts OLED screen. And from now on it seems that this will be the case in the following devices .

You should know, and if you do not know, we'll tell you, that the darker we have an OLED screen configured, the less battery it will consume . This is because these panels understand black as a non-lit pixel.

The advantages would also be visual when offering everything in black and with the typography in a lighter gray, it is a perfectly valid and legible color scheme. Even the photographs of the contacts could be in these tones and according to the recreations, the effect would be pleasing to the eyes.

This concept has been designed by the Greek student Maximos Angelakis, from a British university, who claims to have been inspired by a dark-colored theme he uses in his Apple Watch . Will we see it in iOS 12? I hope so, although Apple takes certain steps with feet of lead .

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