This is what can happen if you take the explosive decision to leave iPhone for an Android -


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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

This is what can happen if you take the explosive decision to leave iPhone for an Android

Although the mobile market offers us innumerable alternatives for all pockets and needs, in the end it all comes down to iOS or Android . Needless to say, CP is clear to us.

Beyond the designs of the terminals, we like the stability, intuitiveness, robustness and security of iOS. No, iOS is not invincible, but it is much more secure than Android simply and simply because Apple designs hardware and software, so the compatibility of the updates are total and the optimization of the equipment is maximum.

As a result, much of the Android mobile fleet is made up of old devices, outdated of new features and security patches and with a relative compatibility. And beware, we are not only talking about mid-range and low-end phones, there are also range limits that still can not make the leap to Android Oreo .

If we add that Android's market share is higher than that of iOS, hackers are interested in developing their attacks for a more installed operating system. The recipe for the disaster is cooked on Android.

Without going any further today, Kaspersky Lab, the signature creator of the popular antivirus, has announced that there is a malware that would cause such a volume of operations that would literally achieve the collapse of some components such as the battery . And the threat does not end here: your phone could suffer DDoS attacks and even end up undermining cryptocurrencies.

When a team is subjected to an overload of operations, it overheats and may explode . This malware would be able to burn it so much that it would leave it inspiring 2 days, but as we said, it could be worse and end up exploding.

This malware would receive the name of Loapi and the different developers and manufacturers would already be working to find a solution to this fatal malware that only and exclusively affects Android .

Via | Urban Techno 

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