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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

This should be the case of all new iPhone

Those of us who have been iPhone consumers for some years have always been critical of what Apple puts in the box. What if the stickers, skewer for the SIM tray, headphones and little else.

The cardboard box, except for the iPhone 5C that was made of plastic , the truth is that it does not do much good. Particularly I have the habit of keeping it together with all the accessories that I do not use for when I get rid of that iPhone, but it could be much more useful.

It could be a useful box and not something that ends up lost, that's why it has started a crowfundig project that has had a great reception in terms of participation . Make an iPhone case that really is useful. You want to know more? Watch the video of the project in question.

Porfin someone with an innovative idea about what a box should be. In this case we speak of a compartment with several trays that we use to carry all the accessories that a consumer of the Cupertino brand needs. They would have room from the straps of the Apple Watch to the AirPods, passing through the cables, chargers for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Come on, the reinvention of the box concept , something larger in size and height, but very necessary.

With this you avoid having your accessories scattered in different places, or loose in a backpack that has no protection. You also prevent cables from getting tangled and making a difficult ball after unraveling.

This campaign has managed to raise more than $ 120,000 and the boxes have been taken to the production phase, by users who have opted for this project will have them in their homes within a reasonable period of time.

If you have arrived late to sign up you can always make a home made box with a lunch box and some imagination.

Via | indiegogo 

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