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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Tutorial: Share your Netflix account without giving the password

We recently told you about the places to watch your online series. Well, among them we were mentioning Netflix . This, in exchange for one payment per month, allows you to watch series and share the subscription with more devices. It can also happen that you meet someone who wants to see it with your account. Whether your partner, friends, family ... that's the least of it. Today we are going to show you how to share a Netflix account without giving the password. Because trust is fine, but up to certain limits.

Share Netflix account

For this we will use an extension of Google Chrome. We usually talk about your profits and today will not be an exception. You will know how to use it and where to download it if you keep reading the rest of the article:

Well, the first thing is to download Shareaccount and let it be installed in our browser. Once everything is ready, we will get to work. With it we are going to give certain accesses, but to a certain extent, that is what interests us.

For it to work, both of you must have the extension on your computer. In this way, she will administer the rights herself.

Now you both have to access the page of the service to share. For example, if you are going to share your Netflix account , enter your page.

The person who is going to share their password must send their public key. It is obtained by clicking on the extension and pressing the option " Receive Account" in the drop-down box. Once finished, you have to copy the code that appears in the section " Your Code" and send it to you. This key will have to be inserted in your browser to be combined with your private key.

When you receive the key from your friend or relative, click on the ShareAccount extension and access the option with the same name. Type the code in the " Recipient Code" box .

To finish, click on the Share button . This way we will generate the key that will allow you to share the service with the person in question. Copy what comes to you in Share result and send it to them. That person will simply have to copy it in the " Share result" section to activate the Receive button. When he does, he will have access as if he were logged in.

Remember that you can set a time limit and so on. With which, there is no doubt about the security of this extension. So, you already know how to share the Netflix account .

To end…

Do you have any questions? Do you want to suggest that we do some tutorial? Do not be courted! We love knowing what you think. Get in touch with us. To end I want to thank you for your visit and encourage you to use the comment box. Either in this same article or on the Google+ social network. Without further ado, I say goodbye and wish you a happy day.

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