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Friday, 22 December 2017

Upgrading the TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X will require larger batteries

In the midst of the controversy over whether Apple deliberately slows its devices as the battery wears down , the machinery of the bitten apple does not stop and is already in the middle of campaign to design the iPhone 2018 and even 2019 .

According to the popular analyst of KGI Securities, the models launched in 2019 will have an improvement in their Truedepth cameras , something that will necessarily affect the battery.

So that we understand, that they will need more amperage, something that translates into bigger batteries with the current technology. Or not necessarily, because according to Kuo Apple would have its own technology that would allow them to develop batteries with greater capacity in the same space. In his own words:

    As of 2019, the iPhone will update its 3D and Augmented Reality sensors, something that will cause its energy consumption to be higher, which will require higher capacity batteries. We believe that Apple has key technologies that include processes with semiconductors, packaged systems (SIP) and SLP type, which will allow a greater load on these devices.

Kuo also insists that the iPhone models of 2018 will be three , one of 5.8 inches, another larger 6.5 that we will call iPhone X Plus and an average 6.1-inch terminal and LCD display. What will not change will be the facial recognition system of the notch, which will continue to be that of this year .

In any case, Kuo had already explained that the second generation of the iPhone X could have an L-shaped battery that would provide up to 10% more capacity compared to the current model , which consists of two cells.

The iPhone X Plus of 2018 if it would continue with the double cell system , but thanks to its larger size would have an amperage that would go between 3,300 and 3,400 mAh.

But all are rumors, we have to wait until September to know with certainty what Apple has prepared

Via | MacRumors 

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