Watch out! A fake application sneaks into the App Store -


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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Watch out! A fake application sneaks into the App Store

We already know that the theme of Apple's App Store applications is a whole world. Fortunately there are of all types and conditions, grouped by themes, price, popularity. In addition, with iOS 11, the Apple application store has taken a new look , much more friendly and where you want to make a daily visit to find new features.

But today the news of a fake application that has sneaked into the App Store has appeared. The worst is not the price, $ 4.99, but this fake app has to do with something very fashionable, the management of cryptocurrencies . You know, the famous Bitcoins among many others.

The fake application that purported to be MyEtherWallet, for no one knows what causes, went through the process of reviewing the Apple application and became the third most popular financial application during the weekend in the United States.

MyEtherWallet confirmed in a tweet yesterday that it is not behind the application, and that it has submitted a report asking Apple to remove the app from the store .

In addition to that, the developer behind the application does not have credentials in this area, and that the use of the application would therefore be rather dubious . And what's worse of all, that this app has risen to a position so high in the list of financial applications in the United States. This may give an idea of ​​the scope of this alleged scam.

You know, if you deal with something as fashionable as cryptocurrencies, be careful what you download, not everything is clean wheat. Even in a store as safe as the App Store .

Via | macrumors 

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