Watch out! Your iPhone could suffer the serious effect of December 2 -


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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Watch out! Your iPhone could suffer the serious effect of December 2

During these days, Apple's division responsible for software development has had to spend a few bad moments. Throughout the week, they have been discovering important errors in some of the operating systems of the company, such as MacOS, or iOS. In the case of the first, security has been compromised in a really serious way, and that is that if there was an access control in the system, it had become completely useless.

With just trying to access the computer several times with credentials "root", anyone could access the system without a complicated procedure. Of course, the company has been forced to repair this error, but they have done it in such a way that they have affected the ability to share files . But that's not all, because as we said, iOS has also taken his part. And probably, some of you will have already experienced it.

iOS 11, one of the most defective versions of the system since the first iPhone, now suffers another important error

The problem is the following. With the arrival of December 2, another bug has been noticed in iOS, which causes the interface of the operating system, the SpringBoard, to fail unexpectedly . This error is triggered when an app activates a local notification that is configured to be repeated, as in the case of organization apps such as calendars, in which you can configure your iPhone or iPad so that you can remember a certain event several times.

Luckily, this new incident has been quickly solved with the unexpected release of iOS 11.2 , now available to all users, and we recommend that you install as soon as possible to avoid this error. However, the speed with which everything happened, could lead to other problems, as has happened in the case of MacOS. Hopefully it starts to put a little order in the software division of Apple, for the good of all users.

And you, have you already updated to iOS 11.2?

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