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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

We love the new announcements of the iPhone X

Facing the Christmas campaign that has already begun, Apple has prepared some new ads extolling the virtues of its flagship, the iPhone X. These commercials are available on the YouTube channel that the Cupertino company opened not too long ago.

In the first of the ads, called "Opens with a Glance", which comes to mean, "opens with a glance", the qualities of having a unique and personal password as is your face are demonstrated. We know that the Face ID is the main feature of this smartphone model.

The second video emphasizes the ability of the iPhone X to adapt to changes in the face of users. A lot of attention is drawn to the technique with which it is engraved, a time-lapse, or sequence of photographs that, placed in order, show an image in accelerated movement, in this case the model's beard.

The latest video highlights a novelty that is not only present in the iPhone X, but also in the iPhone 8 Plus, portrait mode lighting, and is designed to allow users to adjust the light in an image using mapping techniques. depth A technique, as the ad says, of "study but without him".

The videos that Apple is sharing on its YouTube channel are short, 15 seconds long, but they are fresh and casual, transmitting a youthful and very powerful image.

The iPhone X went on sale last November 3, getting exhausted in a few minutes and has meant for the users of the brand a turning point necessary after several years of design continuity. This Christmas is going to be the star gift, or the perfect purchase of those who are willing to pay what is worth.

Via | macrumors 

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