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Saturday, 23 December 2017

What Apple Watch do I need? Differences between the 3 models

The Apple Watch has become since its arrival on the market in the best-selling smartwatch worldwide, with a big difference over the rest of the competitors, although as usual the company that runs Tim Cook has not offered any specific sales figures , that surely will be dizzying. Currently we can find them in the market in three different versions , which can complicate our lives a bit when choosing one, but that is why we have decided to lend a hand.

The first question that we should ask is the one that gives title to this article and that is none other than; What Apple Watch do I need? . The answer is not too complicated, but first you need to know what differences and similarities there are between the 3 models and what we are going to tell you right next. Of course, before continuing reading, maybe you should be clear about these 4 reasons to buy an Apple Watch and not a normal watch .

What models are available officially? 

One of the first things we must put on the table is the availability of the official form of the three models. Currently, Apple sells officially through its website, the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Apple Watch Series 1 . Since the launch of Series 3, the previous model, that is, Series 2 has disappeared from its website, something that seems totally logical, since with this movement, a tough competition is removed from the middle and at a stroke.

The differences between the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Series 2 are minimal , and there were many users who expected the launch of the new model to acquire the Series 2 at a lower price and interesting, something that Apple came forward to avoid .

Luckily it is still possible to buy an Apple Watch Series 2, although it will have to be through third parties and not through the official Apple store, which always brings with it a series of interesting advantages.

What Apple Watch do I need? 

Once we know where we can or where we should buy each of the available Apple Watch models, we should focus on which of the three versions I need. For this it is essential to know the differences between them ;

Series 1 Series 2 Series 3
Dimensions 37 and 42 mm in height and 10.5 mm in thickness 38 mm: 38.6 × 33.3 × 11.65 mm; 42 mm: 42.5 × 36.4 × 11.65 mm 38 mm: 38.6 × 33.3 × 11.4 mm; 42 mm: 42.5 × 36.4 × 11.4 mm
Weight without strap 30 g (Sport) / 50 g (Watch) 28.2 g / 34.2 g 26.7 g / 32.3 g
screen 272 × 340/312 × 390 340 × 272/390 × 312 340 × 272/390 × 312
Pixel density 302 dpi 302 dpi 302 dpi
Processor Apple S1 Apple S2 Apple S3
RAM 512 MB 512 MB 512 MB
OS watchOS watchOS 3 watchOS 4
Storage 2 GB 8 GB (2 GB for music) 8 GB
Battery 205 mAh (37 mm) / 310 mAh (42 mm) 273 mAh (38 mm) / - mAh (42 mm) Up to 18 hours
Waterproof - 5 ATM; 50 meters 5 ATM; 50 meters
Starting price From € 269 From € 262 From € 369

What are the differences in price?

Undoubtedly one of the most important differences between each of the Apple Watch models available in the market is its price. In many cases it is the characteristics that make us decide for one model or another , and that is the difference at a technical level, for most users are not too important or far-reaching.

As we have mentioned before Apple sells the Apple Watch series 3 and the Apple Watch Series 1 through its website, so the prices that we are going to show you now are official and taken from the website of the Cupertino website. The Apple Watch Series 2 can only be purchased through third parties so the price can vary greatly depending on where we buy it.
Series 1 Series 2 Series 3
38 mm € 269 € 262 € 369
42 mm € 299 € 366 € 399

Our opinion; the Apple Watch Series 3 is what you're looking for

The differences between the three models of Apple Watch that are available in the market, externally are very complicated to find, although some exists, but internally things change a lot. If we start putting the Apple Watch Series 1 and the Series 3 face to face, at the price level there is a lot of difference, but when it comes to specifications there is no possible comparison as we have already seen .

Buy Apple Watch Series 3

Where we could find more doubts is with the Apple Watch Series 2 and the Apple Watch Series 3, although having to buy the first model through a third party, at least for us ends up being decisive. The specifications also speak for themselves and is that we will find a better processor, more internal storage, a longer battery life and a lot of other things.

The only thing we have to decide is if we want to pay an important plus of money , in order to have many more features and specifications in return.

Have you managed to decide which Apple Watch you want to buy? 

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