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Friday, 8 December 2017

What is AirDrop and why are you going to get more out of it with iOS 11.2?

AirDrop is a great feature integrated in iOS that makes transferring files, images, notes and web pages between Apple mobile devices much more convenient, efficient and fast.

It is much more efficient than sending an email attachment because it avoids the use of a separate application , nor copy and paste texts, or similar things.

It is also one of the fastest ways to send images (and videos) in bulk . If you need to send a file between iOS and macOS, AirDrop is the ideal and easiest solution to do so.

We tell you the news that will come to the AirDrop functionality of iOS with the new version and two methods to access this feature.
How to access AirDrop

There are two ways to access AirDrop on iOS. First you must make sure that Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity are enabled on your device , since AirDrop requires both for data transmission.

Method 1:

1. Slide your finger up from the bottom of the home screen to activate the iOS 11 Control Center.

2. Use the 3D Touch function on the connectivity panel (or keep your finger pressed on it).

3. Then click on the AirDrop button.

4. Next select who you want to send and receive files to. You can choose "All" as it is the most efficient option. But do not worry, you can reject any AirDrop file transfer request from users you do not know.

Method 2:

1. Open the iOS Settings app.

2. Access General.

3. Select AirDrop.

4. You will find three family options, which indicate from whom you can receive files via AirDrop.

These are the two easiest ways to access AirDrop on your iPhone, on your iPad and on your iPod touch on iOS 11. It's that simple! 

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