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Saturday, 9 December 2017

What is the fastest way to charge your iPhone?

A few years ago, iPhone users stopped complaining about something that seemed to matter less and less to Apple. The autonomy of their phones. Over the years, the company was adding more and more improvements to the hardware of their devices, however, instead of improving the battery life, being a fundamental aspect in a smartphone, sometimes even worse.

Luckily for us, when the iPhone began to dramatically increase in size, the company began to realize that they could give something more battery to your little one. And with that, their autonomy began to improve significantly. Now, with the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 on stage, not only the duration has been improved, but also the time we spend loading it . And the truth is, it is not bad.

Wireless charging can not equal wired charging at speed, but comfort makes up for it

With the phones of the new generation of the iPhone, two technologies have been implemented that, without being especially new, have been a revolution for those who have always been accustomed to Apple phones. Specifically, we are talking about fast charging and wireless charging , which have helped improve both speed and comfort when charging our iPhone. But can we have both at the same time?

According to some tests carried out by MacRumors, it seems that we will have to choose, since in no case will a wireless charging system be able to match a fast charging one. However, we have to take something into account, and that is that, regardless of which method we choose, we will have to pay a separate accessory. It may not be especially worthwhile for wireless charging, however, as the graph shows, with a 12W adapter, the difference is quite important.

And you, how do you charge your iPhone X / 8?

Source | MacRumors 

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