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Friday, 29 December 2017

WhatsApp "abandons" Blackberry OS and Windows Phone

It seems that over the years the company has seen that it is not profitable or necessary to support so many operating systems. So WhatsApp abandons Blackberry OS and Windows Phone. Since last year it was announced that WhatsApp would only work on smartphones with Android, iOS and Windows. Despite this announcement, BlackBerry and Nokia users received a six-month extension.

WhatsApp abandons Blackberry OS10 and Windows Phone this December 31.
WhatsApp abandons Blackberry OS and Windows Phone this December 31, but in practice, the application will continue working after that date, with the exception that some functions could stop working when taking into account that this company no longer develops functions for those versions. For now, it is known that it will not be possible to create new accounts after that date, according to the Engadget.

The WhatsApp application is now owned by Facebook and the official reasons explained by WhatsApp through its blog indicate that after seven years of relationship, they decided to withdraw support to these platforms given the impossibility of bringing all their updates, that is, because some operating systems are considered very old. WhatsApp abandons Blackberry, stressing the loss of market share of the operating systems they have decided to abandon. That is to say that there are very few users of these operating systems and it is not worth giving them support. According to data from Google, only 0.1% of mobile phones that use Android do so in one of these affected versions, so the blow is not so hard and will not really affect many people.

Of course, if you are one of the affected, export your important files before WhatsApp stops working, and change your mobile before 31 or you will not send and receive the typical New Year messages.

These are the operating systems that WhatsApp abandons:
- BlackBerry and Blackberry 10
- Nokia S40
- Nokia Symbian S60
- Android 2.1
- Android 2.2
- Windows Phone 7.1.
- iPhone 3GS / iOS 6

For some years now, the BlackBerry company itself has turned its back on its own mobiles, manufacturing less equipment, lowering the quality of its materials. The abandonment of WhatsApp has been a hard blow for users who still use these phones, now WhatsApp "abandons" Blackberry and ends up destroying the alternatives for this platform whose operating system no longer has any support outside the BlackBerry itself.

In an act of desperation, BlackBerry has said it is very disappointed with such a decision, and are asking their users to make noise on social networks with the hashtag #ILoveBBOSapps to let Facebook know that they are leaving many users without service. Of course, it is absurd to complain on Twitter about Facebook services. Hopefully BlackBerry realizes that.

Before WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger was one of the most important messaging and SMS platforms, until WhatsApp began to be available for this operating system, leading the market

For Windows Phone, devices with versions later than 8.0, could continue using WhatsApp without complications.

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