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Saturday, 2 December 2017

WhatsApp is no longer the most downloaded app (at least in Spain)

There is no doubt of a fact, WhatsApp is the queen application among those in its field . So much so that the level of implementation that has in our society is maximum. We use the verb "guasapear" instead of "send a message", in many schools it is a communication tool for families, and groups of all kinds are the order of the day.

However, we ask ourselves, can it grow more? Is it the top of downloads? It seems that no, there are hardly any devices in which to install this popular tool. The statistics referring to the month of last October have revealed that WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, is no longer the most downloaded application by users . The first place is occupied by a football simulator called Fut 18 Draft.

And is that, as we said, everyone has the messaging application and this encourages others to take over. The following messaging application that appears in the list is Facebook Messenger, in sixth position. Beware of this app, as it devours the battery of your iPhone at an astonishing speed , in addition to consuming many system resources.

WhatsApp anyway reigns comfortably among messaging applications , lately it has also implemented some improvements, such as viewing YouTube videos Picture in Picture , without opening the application, in addition to the elimination of messages or the possibility of removing the finger when sending voice messages.

From the app that occupies the list of the most downloaded of October, Fut 18 Draft, to say that it is a complete soccer game with which you can create templates, simulate tournaments and win rewards thanks to the skills with the players.

We will wait for the list of the month of November, to see who climbs in first position of the downloads in Spain. There will be surprises?

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