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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Why Android fans hate to recognize that Samsung copies to Apple?

The telephone technology market is dominated by two large, Android and iOS. Each one of them, both with their virtues and defects, manage to attract the attention of any user , but perhaps we should ask ourselves some interesting question. Let's talk about that in this article, join us.

Samsung is a company that, to deny it, does not manufacture bad phones. It is a reality that our models are in high demand and that they work quite well , but maybe they have always looked askance at Apple, trying to emulate the products that the Californian company has been taking out.

It was recently discovered that the Korean company in 2010 used an internal document in which precise instructions were given to emulate point by point to iPhone devices. If you're curious, you can check that document here .

But of course, not only the Samsung company has been watching the Americans more than out of the corner of their eyes. These have also followed what Asians have been doing. Would anyone imagine in 2010 an iPhone with a big screen? Samsung may have something to do with this decision of Apple , perhaps not only the response to a demand from users. Does anyone remember the Samsung Note I and its screen?

At the time of conducting advertising campaigns, Samsung launched a short time ago quite aggressive with respect to Apple , which literally ridiculed some aspects of the phones that they wanted to emulate curiously. Apple, however, was something more elegant when it came to doing its advertising campaigns, because I only remember one in which the virtues of its operating system are praised with respect to Android, without mentioning Samsung specifically.

You know, life is a constant duality. Barça or Madrid, tortilla with or without onion, iOS or Android. Personally, I prefer the first without any doubt, but I will not be the one who tries to throw away a system that solves millions of people around the world . In my opinion it has things that can be improved, but it is true that Apple's operating system has also sometimes looked in the mirror of the Android.

Apple may sometimes take some time to adopt some of the improvements that Android has for some time, but when it does it completely embroiders. What we have clear is that with this issue happens as with Formula 1, teams that copy each other. The question is simply who improves the initial idea Or do you think that is not the case?

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