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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Why the iMac Pro AppleCare is cheaper than the iPhone X

If you are a user of Apple products, you know that within the first year of use you can buy an AppleCare . For those who do not know, is an extension of the guarantee that is usually quite advantageous , because it makes you forget about worries if you have an incident with your device, as long as the right conditions are met.

 In Spain, hiring AppleCare for any iPhone is priced at 70 euros, which is lower if you buy at some stores that are not the Californian brand. In our country, as in many others, the AppleCare + option is not available , which is an extension of the warranty with some improvements over the standard AppleCare. For example, two accidental damages per year are included, and the price of the screen repair itself is included, making only a $ 29 credit.

And why should the price of the warranty extension for the iPhone X be higher than for a 5000-euro computer? Apparently it does not make any kind of sense or logic , but if you keep reading you'll know why.

The reason is none other than that any phone or portable device is much more exposed to drops, damage by liquids , or incidents than a desktop computer that is going to stand still. Logically, the loss rate is much lower in a static device than a mobile device. That is why there is such a noticeable price difference.

Not only that, it has also been shown that the iPhone X, despite being a fantastic phone with a completely groundbreaking design, is also quite fragile. We already mentioned it in an article that recounted how they were subjected to tests of falls and impacts and in three different terminals, all ended with damage to the screen or the back, which is glass to facilitate loading and Wireless

So now the doubt is there, Apple rewards, logically, the static about mobility.

Via | theverge 

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