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Friday, 22 December 2017

Why should not you worry that Apple will slow down your iPhone

I have been an iPhone user for 5 years. The first one I bought secondhand and it was an iPhone 3GS. Then an iPhone 5s that I had two years, an iPhone 6s that lasted me year and a half until I stole it, the iPhone SE that I bought emergency until this October buy my current iPhone 8 Plus. So it can be said that I have lived in my flesh what is Apple's latest technology and how it is degrading over the years .

Of all of them probably the one I keep the best memories of is the iPhone 6s. It was like a shot, although at the beginning of the second year I had to go with the charger because it hardly lasted until after lunch. I insist, I spend the day with the mobile phone, it's my job. Maybe to other people the autonomy of their iPhone for more.

Now I remember that at some time during that second year, when I went out for a run, it sometimes went out. Runtastic, Spotify, Twitter, WhatsApp ... I recognize that it happened a lot from time to time, but it went off . Just at that moment Apple recognized a problem with the batteries and launched iOS 10.2.1 in January of this 2017 to solve the mysterious blackouts , which no longer occurred.

That's why when in the last days he came to the fore in Reddit that a user had done some benchmarks with his iPhone before and after changing the battery , it made me think. And I have not been the only one, judging by the comments we have seen on social networks .

As the kid from Reddit said, we hope that the autonomy of the battery decreases with the passage of time, but that the performance of the processor remains the same. But we have already verified that it is not true .

First of all, a point: the benchmarks are a series of tests that take the processor to the limit to evaluate its performance so that it can be compared with other terminals and processors in the market. We also do not have to go crazy with the figures, here what matters is the user experience .

It is there where any iPhone user knows that with the passage of time and updates, our mobile phone starts to slow down , but it is very difficult for it to collapse and block. It is clear that if you use it little and for four things, the battery will last longer and require less effort, so it will cost you more to realize it.

It's not a bug, it's an iOS feature

Apple itself has confirmed that they limit the speed of the processor with the updates to safeguard the integrity of the terminal in certain conditions. And eye, it's not a bad thing, in reality the problem is that they have not warned the user of this measure .

It may be technical parameters only known by Apple and do not want to complicate the user. Of all the robust and simple that is iOS is known even at the expense of its rigidity and lack of transparency , and this is just one more test. So what would those conditions be? Cold weather, low battery charge, old batteries ...

The dilemma is this : do you prefer that your iPhone simply slow down over time (as Apple has designed so far) or that at certain times your iPhone is blocked and even shut down?

The truth is that for good or for bad the user seems that does not count in this sense. A pity, although we estimate that Apple has its reasons. And, why would the general public have to regulate the frequency of their mobile's processor? Of course, these are issues far removed from popular culture that does not have to be known by anyone.

The developer Guilherme Rambo has come up with a function to implement in iOS that would inform us of the health of our processor, allowing us to reduce the speed of the processor , something that might confuse some users. We do not believe that Apple is going to implement it, but it would look like the one we see in the tweet.

It is clear that Apple could have been clearer, and still has time to be and perhaps give explanations about what are those specific conditions that cause the processor is "capado", such as the cycle of charges from which a battery is consider old. And is that Apple can not fight against the passage of time, but if you can talk more with your customers . 

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