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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Why your iPhone's FM radio does not work

Not long ago most mobile devices that were available in the market, offered us the possibility of listening to the radio, something that all users used to thank very much. Over time the FM radio has been disappearing from smartphones and of course also from the iPhone, although they are prepared to offer this feature at any time.

The explanation is certainly complicated, but today simply and without too many complications we will try to explain why your iPhone's FM radio does not work , although it is there as in most mobile devices on the market.

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB, for its acronym in English) has long been claiming the manufacturers of mobile devices the activation of FM radio, something that so far have only achieved in a small number of cases. It not only serves to listen to music, free of charge and without consuming data from our telephone rate, but also according to the NAB can also save lives.

"From a public safety aspect alone, it makes sense to enable radio on smartphones. Broadcasting radio plays an important role as 'first informants' in local communities, providing up-to-the-minute information when a disaster occurs. "

These words are signed by Dennis Wharton, executive vice president of NAB and one of the great advocates that manufacturers re-enable the radio on their mobile devices.
The non-activation of FM radio, a simple economic reason

As we have said many mobile devices, including your iPhone and mine (if you have a model inferior to the iPhone 7), they have incorporated the chip needed to operate the FM radio, but it is disabled. The reason is very simple, and as you were imagining it is economical .

And it is that one of the big businesses of mobile operators goes through the consumption of the data of the different existing mobile rates . If manufacturers activated FM radio in their devices, many users would find, for example, the ideal way to listen to music, without having to resort to platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music , which although they allow downloading content, consume data in a way, sometimes , wild, with the consequent benefits for mobile operators.

M radio has a dark future in the iPhone

Although some manufacturers like LG seem willing to offer the possibility of listening to the radio on their devices, demonstrating for example with the agreement signed between the South Koreans and NextRadio, the future of FM radio on the iPhone seems more than obscure .

And is that the latest models of the company led by Tim Cook, such as the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, have not incorporated the chip that would offer us the ability to listen to the radio on our device. It is unknown if the iPhone X has been incorporated, but everything suggests that it does not. In addition to what now seems a trend, we do not believe that the Cupertino will change, suddenly incorporating the possibility of listening to FM radio, when everyone has access to the increasingly popular Apple Music.

Why will manufacturers incorporate FM radio into their devices if they have a thriving business built and operating around them? 

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