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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Wi-Fi network with the name "bomb on board" makes divert plane

This happened on a Turkish Airlines plane: a Wi-Fi network with the name "bomb on board" alarmed the passengers and the crew in such a way that it led to the detour of the plane to an emergency landing. The Wi-Fi network generated such anguish that it forced the pilots to take the drastic resolution.

Wi-Fi network with the name "pump on board" generates chaos

Turkish Airlines announced, through a press release, that one of the company's planes made an emergency landing at the Khartoum airport in Sudan. After due security inspections, completely thorough, the flight resumed without any physical consequence for the passengers or for the aircraft. Apparently, it was just a scare.

The crew chose to deviate from the planned route, after realizing that the passengers had detected a Wi-Fi network with the SSID (name of the network) during the flight as a "bomb on board" and they were in a state of emergency. alarm and anguish. According to Reuters, the experts concluded that the Wi-Fi network in question was created by a passenger of the same aircraft, perhaps wanting to play or generate controversy.

According to the company, all 100 passengers removed for safety reasons of the plane, returned to embark towards their final destination. However, the Turkish Airlines did not disclose if it really managed to identify the passenger who created the Wi-Fi network that generated such confusion and diversion of the aircraft.

We can remember that most smartphones, tablets and laptops have the option to allow their users to create Wi-Fi networks, this with the aim of helping to fight crime ("hotspot"), which means that maybe It must have been the technique used by the passenger who managed to create such a network and generate so much controversy and inconvenience in the plane where he was traveling.

Fortunately, everything went perfectly normal. However, this gives warning to the flight lines to be taken into account in their future regulations.

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