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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Witbox Go! of BQ, Finish the year with 3D printing from the phone.

Printing things in 3D in the comfort of home is a tempting proposal, however, the first 3D printers of the genre that emerged in the domestic market required assembly, calibration and related. I mean, it was not for everyone. Witbox Go! of BQ . It is the first Android 3D printer in the world that provides 3D printing for everyone in a matter of minutes with a click from your mobile.

Witbox Go! of BQ is the first 3D printer with Android operating system, to print directly from a phone.

Witbox Go! It is the first intelligent 3D printer with Android operating system, which automates most processes and hardly requires adjustments. It has removable base that allows the pieces to adhere directly to it. Your sensors stop printing if the base is not properly adjusted, the extruder becomes clogged or the filament runs out. The Trinamic chip, which controls the motors, makes it very quiet.
Witbox Go! is integrated into the decoration of any home and office, its aesthetics of simple lines has been awarded as Best Product Design according to the prestigious Red Dot awards. In addition it is also light (weighs only 5 kg) and compact, with all the components integrated.

Witbox Go! Is also the first to incorporate a Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ processor. The result is an improvement WiFi connectivity, incorporates NFC, facilitates the update to receive it by OTA.
It owns the new hotend of Witbox Go! which is more compact and thermally efficient. Its cylindrical heater distributes heat very uniformly and quickly, which reduces the risk of jamming without losing print quality.

It possesses Zetup, a simple and intuitive software of own development very easy to use, that counts on a version for PC and an app for Android mobiles. To print a piece, you just have to choose its quality level and fill density. In addition, you will have free access to the MyMiniFactory parts repository and you can also use it with other free softwares.

Zetup guides you so that the loading process is very simple and the initial configuration is automatic. The NFC technology of your PLA coils (custom designed) transfers information directly to the printer such as the color or amount of filament available. The process of starting to work with Witbox Go! It is so easy that you can launch your first impression in a matter of minutes after removing it from the box.

You can control the printer, launch the print or check its status and receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet!


Android M
Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 410
8 GB
High, medium and low
Product: (x) 300 x (y) 255 x (z) 480mm
Outer box: (x) 405 x (y) 350 x (z) 540mm
Print volume: (x) 140 x (y) 140 x (z) 140 mm
All metal
Axial heater
Thermal isolation
DDG Extruder with Bowden System
Fixation printing base by means of magnets
Does not need adhesives (lacquer, heat, etc)
End of filament sensor
Clogged nozzle sensor
Printer base sensor
Self-leveling by electrical contact
Noise Reduction - Trinamic TMC5130 Motor Drivers
Notification LED
PC: Windows and Linux
App .: Android
Wi-Fi® 802.11 b / g / n
NFC - Automatic filament detection
Micro USB type B
3D Printer Witbox Go!
PLA coil 1.75mm 300g
Printing base
EU plug adapter to USA
USB to micro USB cable
Printed test piece
Quick guide and warranty
Certifications CE, EAC
Updates via OTA
Product: 4.8Kg
Product plus box: 7.5Kg

* Memory for final use: 4GB. The space available to the user may vary depending on the installed firmware version. The rest of the memory is destined for the operating system, cache memory and other elements of the system.

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