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Thursday, 14 December 2017

With the new App Store you will never miss any premiere

Since yesterday, it is already possible to book apps and software in the App Store for both iOS, MacOS and TV OS , a very common practice that we have already seen in the videogame industry or at Amazon without going any further and that now finally arrives to iPhone and iPad.

It is not the first time that this happens in the Apple download platform. We saw it a little over a year ago with Super Mario Run , when the iconic video game of our childhood finally appeared for iPhone. Weeks before we could download it was already in the App Store so that, if you wanted to make it, you would access and automatically notify you when it would be available.

Well, that was an exception because of the raised hype , but now any other developer can generate that expectation by uploading their app to the App Store up to 90 days before we can download it . Last Monday Apple published the help page to guide the devs, although it is a fairly simple process so this Christmas we will see many apps available for your reservation ahead of time.

What is the advantage of the reservation? When you book an app before it is available, you get the app to download automatically in less than 24 hours since its launch becomes official. Taking into account the apps that Apple uploads every month, it is very interesting for us not to miss any premiere.

But in addition, although developers can send new versions of the apps and change the price or availability, when you book an app you accept the price at that time , which we benefit from pre-launch prices. By the way, if the developer decides to lower the price, we will also take advantage of that reduction and will be charged the cheapest price.

If you want to see how the new booking system of the App Store works in iOS 11 , go to the games section and you will see a booking section in the upper area of ​​the page, among which are: Bridge Constructor Portal, Life is Strange , Inside and Gorogoa.

Via | BGR 

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